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Muscle Master Massage Wand
39.90 EUR
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Muscle Master Massage Wand
If you're in the mood for an excellent massage, get the Muscle Master Wand Massager and its incredible vibrations that will relax you, your muscles and guarantees the perfect stress relief sessions.

The head of the wand is made in silky-smooth hygienic and phthalate-free silicone and reverberates the vibrations through to deliver incredible, powerful and precise stimulation.

The neck is flexible and allow you to reach the perfect position with ease and maximum efficiency for your session, following every body shape and guaranteeing maximum skin contact at all times.

The three buttons are easily reachable even in the heat of the moment, one button controlling the vibration pattern (20 available), one controlling the speed (8 available) and the last one turning the wand on or off.

You have full control of your relaxation and stimulation and you can add some water-based oil or lubricant to make it even more enjoyable. After use, wash the head with warm water and mild soap and let it air dry. Recharge the battery with the provided USB cable and enjoy hours of pleasure and relaxation!

Total length: approx. 30 cm
Length head: approx. 6 cm
Diameter head: approx. 5.5 cm
Battery: rechargeable Li-ion battery (USB cable provided)
Material: phthalate-free silicone, ABS plastic
Color: white, silver